Want to make your big day the envy of your guests?

So what's the secret to making your wedding or civil ceremony unforgettable?

Simple...what your guests remember and talk about afterwards!!

You need much more than an 'icebreaker' to create a sensation!

You need fun, laughter, applause and moments of jaw dropping amazement.
You need Jack Wise!

So why book Jack Wise over all the other Magicians?

Jack Wise is what most Magicians just aren't ... he is funny!
He provides corporate and wedding entertainment at hundreds of events every year.
Jack mixes jaw dropping magic and hilarious comedy without ever being offensive!

Watch your guests gasp in disbelief!

You'll hear the gasps of disbelief and applause from across the room as Magician Jack Wise mingles amongst your guests performing his jaw dropping magic and mindreading.

Like to see both sides of your families in knots laughing?

As part of his stage magic show, watch the fun Jack Wise has with the best man using his skills as a ventriloquist. We're not going to spoil it by trying to describe what happens. Just click play on the video!!

It's the biggest day of your life so it's got to be perfect!

The bad news is anybody can put up a website and call themselves a Wedding Magician. The good news is for this very reason Jack wise offers something unheard of in the entertainment business - he is so confident in his abilities as an entertainer that he offers a 100% money back guarantee!

Its simple - Your guests will absolutely love his performance or it's free!

There aren't many wedding entertainers with an offer like that.


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