Hint and Tips

Bullet proof your wedding plans

I've seen a few wedding incidents that were about as embarrassing as looking through a keyhole and seeing another eye! So here's a list of hints & tips to consider

The Reception

The local publican isn't paying for the reception, you are! So ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to encourage guests to go straight to the hotel. Remember warm flat champagne just doesn't taste the same!

Absolutely no tumbleweed!

Make sure the hotel staff have background music on in the reception area and candles on all the table.It makes a room much more inviting. You might think it obvious but you'd be surprised how often they are over looked.

Table Talk

If at all possible, avoid the traditional long rectangular table unless you don't want to talk to your partners family :-). Insist on a round table like everybody else. That way everybody can chat easily and get to know each other.

Petit? I didn't even know she was there !

It maybe artistic but a floral monstrosity in the middle of the table blocks everybody's view of the person opposite them preventing any possibility of conversation. Keep table centre pieces subtle and low!

And now for speeches

If anyone is particularly nervous about the speeches why not have them at the start of the meal? That way everybody gets to relax and enjoy the meal knowing that the nerve wrecking part of the evening is over.

Its not a nursery !

I once witnessed a kid knock over the wedding cake while chasing his brother!
Consider buying colouring books or a couple of small toys and leave them at the table where there will be children.They will be delighted and It will keep them in their seats.

If kids are tearing around, instruct the staff to approach the parents and request that they seat the child immediately. It stops you looking like the bad guy and will prevent accidents!

How to clear the dance floor..

If the staff need to remove tables to clear the dance its no problem for me to perform in another room to facilitate them. In fact with Summer weddings, I often perform a festival style show outdoors, weather permitting of course!